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Inspired by the raw beauty of the Pacific Northwest where it’s headquartered, Modern Native aims to inspire all kinds of adventurers-- the outdoorsy, the city lovers, the young, and the old. As firm believers in investing in EXPERIENCES, we hope to motivate you to get out and create lasting memories. We hope you can learn to be a native (whether in your hometown or in a different city or country) by getting out and DOING. Explore the places, meet the people, and do the things that make this such an exciting world to live in!

Our scratch off posters are created to memorialize these memories-- to remind you of that road trip with your best friends, that weekend away with your spouse, or that fun day with your kids! Our posters will simultaneously remind you of these beloved memories and motivate you to create more.

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It all started with a map on the wall. Having always been a list-maker and a goal-setter, my husband and I made a list of 250 places we wanted to visit in the US. After countless hours of printing, jigsawing-ing, and wood-burning, I had it! A custom map for us to display our travel photos on. 

Flash forward 3 years later, to 2017. With a cross-country move before us, that map had become our most prized possession. It was the only thing that could NOT be damaged in the move. That map documented the 46 places we had visited before we had kids, and the 11 we had visited since. 

That map served as the inspiration for Modern Native. We create beautiful scratch-off posters designed to simultaneously memorialize your memories and inspire you to get out and create more! My hope is that you use our posters to grow closer to loved ones, share experiences together, and make some lifelong memories.